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Keep your bed linens for more than 1 night in a green hotel

Posted at October 30, 2012 | By : | Categories : Blog,sustainability,travel,Uncategorized | Comments Off on Keep your bed linens for more than 1 night in a green hotel

Currently travelling in New Zealand, a wonderful countries very close to nature and with an efficient tourism activity, I found this paper in my hotel room ( Ibis Ellerslie )

green hotel tips and suggestion to save water and energy

Linens bed change from a sustainability program in Accor hotels group

it makes me think it is really simple and a good way to be green, as it will save some water and soap, you probably don’t change the linens of your bed at home everyday, do you really care to have them changed every day for a short stay or 2 or 3 nights in the same hotel. The sustainability starts with this little effort who doesn’t cost a lot.

Now there is some questions to discuss..  on the hotel point of view, why they don’t do the opposite ? and ask to put the paper on the pillow ONLY if the customers want their linens to be changed ? most of people won’t really take care of the paper, or they see it and read it, they will maybe forget to put it on their bed.I wonder how many people are using this recommandation, and how much water and dirty soap waste and energy to clean linens  would be saved to be ejected in the water system.

I have no idea about how many people already stay for more than 1 night ( otherwise the suggestion won’t apply ), and so how many persons really try to be eco-friendly.

That’s answer I don’t know, but at least, I m happy to suggest people to do the same..

and you ? What do you think ? what you would do ?


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